Having a baby

If you are having a baby in Hawke’s Bay it is most likely you will have your baby in hospital.

Ata Rangi at Hawke’s Bay Hospital provides low risk birthcare, with specialist care available should you need it. Click here to go to Hawke's Bay Maternity

A low risk birthing unit is also available at Wairoa Health.

The first thing that you have to make sure of is that you have someone to take care of you from when you first become pregnant through to the birth of your baby. If you haven’t already got a Lead Maternity Carer you can click here to find a midwife or find a family doctor or GP.


Napier Health continue to offer and carry out antenatal assessments, and your Lead Maternity Carer will arrange this with you as required.

In Central Hawke’s Bay Lead Maternity Carers provide maternity services.

Napier and Central Hawke’s Bay women generally give birth at Hawke’s Bay Hospital.